Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bloglovin' It Is!!!!

So I have been reading on a lot of blogs that Google Reader is shutting down as of July 1st.
I LOVE Google Reader, I  have it on my Kindle Fire and read it all the time.  
But Bloglovin is just as easy to read and is very easy convenient!!!


So for all of you that use Bloglovin, if you would all be so kind and head over to this link below, and follow me via Bloglovin, I would so greatly appreciate it. 

 Please leave a comment with your Bloglovin Account, and I will follow back.
I am also going through my GFC followers and will be following you all that way!!

**Also with all of this change, I have been thinking about a change of look here on the blog!!! 
Stick around to see what I come up with!!! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Teacher Valentines Treat

Better late than never... right?!?!?!

Here is a tag that I made for the boys' teacher Valentines treat.
I did it on Picmonkey

I bought each teacher a bag of Flipz, and attached a tag that said:

Pinned Image

Cut the tag out and attached to some fun glitter Valentines paper, and Voila!!!!

Nice, simple, and easy. The LOVED it!!!

Tried And Did.... Pinterest Style!!!!

You all know I love Pinterest
I do have a love hate relationship with it... kind of!!!
I love all the possibilities and that it gets my creative juices flowing.
But hate when I do something so easy, it fails!! 
And then shows how creative I am not!!!! LOL!!!!

I have a board called Tried And Did

That has all the things I have made, tried, or done.
Some were huge successes, others not so much!!!

strawberries, sugar, cream cheese, and pie dough! That's it!
Like this Cherry Tart.
I did it but with strawberries instead. 
Definently to much cream cheese, not enough sugar!!!

I did this for my 5 year old Valentines class party!! 

Easter egg rice krispie treats
Made these last year for Easter, a total hit, but hands get super greasy.
 For the rice crispies not to stick, I sprayed my hands with Pam, and molded into the eggs!!!

Cooking with the kids: Omelets in a bag
Total Success, we do these up camping, and you get so full!!! 
Fill up with 2-3 eggs, and any extras you want,

Place layer of wax paper on top of upper kitchen cabinets where dust and grease gather. Change every few months.. GENIUS
Do this on top of my cupboards, 
and every year, rip them off, toss, and lay down new wax paper!!!

Nutella Banana Cookies! A great way to use up ripe bananas! They are SO good!
Did not turn out great.
 I could not taste any Nutella. Just like banana bread, but in cookie form!!

Super cute Clip Board tutorial! These would make great Teacher Appreciation gifts!
Both my older boys made these so they could do there home work!!
They were decked out in camo... of course!!!

Doodles & Stitches: DIY Silhouette Cameo & Vinyl
As team mom of Braydons Football team,
 I made every boy one with there names and team colors!!!

There are tons more!! 
 Head over and follow me, and see what other goodies I have tried!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

1 Year, 20 Wishes!!!

So here is an update that of my 1 Year 20 Wishes!!

Truly Lovely

But I am going to cheat and change a couple of things. I looked at my list and saw some things that I would probably for sure not cross off in 5 years!!! 
Yep, I am a realist!!!!

So here is my list from last time, you can go check it here: My Original List!!
Here is the same list, I will add a ** that has been changed from the original!!!
and updates will be marked in Blue!!!

**1. Take a vacay to Las Vegas, and spend a week with my family, and see the sights!! Changed location, but have 5 nights planned for Vegas with my whole family over my birthday weekend!!! 
2. Read the Book of Mormon~ I really need to get past 1Nephi!!!
3. Take Hunter Safety~ Learn about gun safety with a family of hunters is a good idea
4. After Hunter Safety, go on a deer hunt
5. Get caught up on all my kids' scrapbooks
**6. Make a shadow box with my sons' baptism outfit, and their pictures wearing it!!! Now where are those pictures?!?!?!
7. Run a 5K marathon
**8. Blog at least once a week. Need to prioritize my time, and just do it!!!
9. Purchase a new vehicle We bought a New to us 2008 Chevy Silverado 3/4 Ton!!
10. Start remodeling/redecorating my home Have plans where to start, and will begin in April!!
11. Plant a garden, and do it right!!!
12. Pull my violin out and play again Pulled the violin out, but need a new bow, and replace 2 strings!!
13. Dramatically change my hair Been tempted 2x already, but am such a pansy, it will happen!!!
14. Take my kids on a 1 week camping trip by ourselves
15. Purchase a whole new outfit and not fell one bit guilty!!!
16. Take a beading class, and make a watch band, necklace, bracelet, etc!!
17. Buy my family bikes and take long bike rides
**18. Lose 30 lbs, by year end!! Have been doing Zumba, and lifting weights, notice I am toning, but no weight has been lost. Need to change something.... chocolate!!!
**19.  Have a new recipe night 2-3 a month  Have done really well, sometimes there are 5 new recipes, and some will NEVER be made again!!! :)
20. Take the boys to Build A Bear and all make one, including me. Yes, they would be my excuse to go there!! Made 1 for Hazard for his Birthday in April, but will go ALL TOGETHER in the summer!!!

There you have it. NOW this list is something that is realisitic. Pearl Harbor would be awesome to go see, but that will need some serious planning!! No extravagant anniversary, with a family vacay, and camping, this will be postponed to our 15th!!! :)

Link up your Progress, or get a list going, it is not to late to get started!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you are all having a fantastic day today!!! 
I wanted to share a couple of things that I did this year for my family this wonderful day!!!

This year my 2 older boys get to make and take a Valentines box. I was super excited to hear this, and they were too!!
I asked what they wanted and they both wanted Lego Ninjago guys. I looked all over Pinterest and the internet, nothing really, maybe 2!!

So I grabbed Braydons Ninjago Encyclopedia and looked at those figures. And here is what I came up with. Don't be to harsh on the creativity!!! 

Here is Easton's Box

Braydon helped with his!!! I am totally NOT an artist.... can you tell!!!!


And for my darling husband, I decided to sneak a candy gram in his work truck, and hide goody bags full of snacks around it too!!!

Lame, but I am fine with that!!!

I crack myself up sometimes!!!!

What do you give to your significant other? 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Halloween Candy Wrapper

I know.... you look at this title and say really Halloween, it is almost Valentines!!!

But I really need to get caught up!! So bare with me!!!

For a Young Womens Mutual activity we wrapped Hershey bars to look  like bats, and added a poem to take tho the less active girls. They turned out pretty cute!!!
Here is the bat all finished, and the outline we used for it!!

Here is the little saying we wrote inside to the inactive girls.

After we made them we personally delivered to all the girls. The ones we saw were happy to receive their gift. Very nice to go meet some of them who I have never seen or met before!!!

Christmas Eve 2012

I am so behind with everything, I even have a Halloween post to write. 
But that is okay, I am sure you all don't mind..... do you?!?!?!

Christmas Eve we go to my father in laws house and the kids get to decorate cookies for Santa!!
And the kids LOADED added their touch to the cookies with frosting!!!!
Easton was very delicate with his cookies, with a lot of frosting!!!

Braydon was too

Hazard has every color possible and just kept piling it on until it was seriously 2-3 inches tall!!
Santa had to lake some layers off that night!!!!

Getting ready for bed, sitting in front of an empty, present-less tree!!!

YIPEEE, Santa came and ate all but a piece of cookie, and drank most of the milk!!! 

They all slept in Eastons room on the floor.
 That way we know if someone decides to sneak and peak!!!!

Santa cam and brought there presents. Only the 3 in the front are from him, and rest from us!!
Dallin likes to see the boys' face when the tree is that full of gifts!!!